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All covers from 1930's to 2003
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The painted covers of the Thirties show real trains, not models.
A winter alpine view is the subject for 1934.




In this year, a very nice watercolour extends even on the back cover. Of course, SBB RAm (3070) and DB E 10 (3039) are the main new items of the year. And models derived from them are still in production. By the way, they cost 11440 and 29900 Lire respectively, which is equal to about 97 and 254 Euro of the present days.



A BR 003 exits from a tunnel on a yellow background: one of the best covers of all, simple, clean, essential.



A collection of wheels from 1, H0 and Z scales: no train is shown but the world of railways is really present.



BR 120 (new item of the year) is surrounded by a crowd of "Preiser" people on a black background: a pretty and funny idea to present the new engine!



1986 (H0)
BR 191 (new item of the year), is placed on the rod of a real engine.



Class C Schöne Württembergerin of Württemberg Regional Railways runs on a very detailed layout, representing a scene of Era I. The same photo is reproduced in colour inside the catalogue, but the "sepia" version is more impressive indeed.



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