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The year indicated for each article is the printing year appearing on the instruction itself (e.g. in the first picture the figures 01 70 ,after the part-number on the bottom left corner, stays for January 1970). Of course the article may have been produced in the same way even before and after that year.

Traditional Instruction Leaflets (1950-1960's)

Diesel locomotive V 200 (3021), year 1970
Cover page of the leaflet.

Steam locomotive BR 24 (art. 3003), year 1969
Internal page of the leaflet.
The instructions refer to a precise article, they include detailed text and photos of that exact article and are written in 8 languages.

Generic Instruction Sheets (from middle 1970's)

Electric locomotive FS E.424 (art. 3035), year 1975
Cover page of the sheet. The instructions now refer to a large number of models (in this case, those using 60146 brushes). Text is limited to the essential and information is given by pictures.

Electric locomotive BR 103 (art. 3354), year 1981
Internal pages: as the instruction refers to a lot of models (in this case those with 60030 brushes), the sheet has to cover different cases: steam engines with screw on roof, diesel with screew on frame and so on.

Diesel locomotive V 36 (art. 3146 and similar), year 1982
When a model has some special features, an additional sheet is added, in this case showing the unmounting screw that otherwise no one would discover.

Instruction for Accessories

Uncoupling Track 5112, year 1974
The traditional leaflet is similar to those of locomotives: precise text, eight languages, refers to a single article.

Interior Lighting 7320, year 1978
The traditional leaflet has both illustration and detailed text (in the usual 8 languages).

Interior Lighting 7329, year 1980
The new style leaflet has no text: all information must be taken from pictures (even when mounting is not so easy, as in this case of interior lighting with adjustable length).

Turnouts 5202, year 1979
Between 1970's and 80's instruction for the track system have a new "blue" look (again with the style of illustration only - no text).

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