Märklin Style - Presenting a Model Through Years

Model 3035 - Italian State Railways E.424

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1960's-early 1970's
The traditional representation, with perspective view, comes from 1971 catalogue, but is very similar to the illustrations used through all the Sixties.

1971 catalogue

The same model photo is put on an attractive background, somehow related to the subject (Italian hill with cypresses, in this case).
The 10900 Lire (5.60 Euro) are approximately equal to 81 Euro of the present days: a quite cheap price, if compared to present prices!

Many models are shown altogether, as if they were running on a collector's table (from 1979 catalogue).

Middle Eighties
The photo is as simple as possible, with lateral view (less perspective!) and large, white background, within a rectangular box (from 1984 catalogue).

1991 catalogue
The model changes itself (new livery for commuting services), but the representation remains mostly unchanged.

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