FS Railway Postcards

48 postcards are available, subdivided into five series.
Photos are printed on 10*15 cm cards with gloss surface.

1st Series. San Lorenzo-Ospedaletti

These eight postcards deal with the section San Lorenzo-Ospedaletti of the Riviera Ligure railway. This section was closed in September 2001 and replaced by a new tunnel. All photos are therefore unrepeatable! Even for the rolling stock, I've tried to have the maximum variety, with locos of eight different groups.

Line Genova-Ventimiglia
12 May 2001
Special train by M. Cerutti and A. Sinn, loco MNT La Spezia

San Remo
Line Genova-Ventimiglia
22 August 1999

San Remo
Line Genova-Ventimiglia
4 August 1982 (photo G. Demuru)

Aregai di Cipressa
Line Genova-Ventimiglia
8 August 1992

Aregai di Cipressa
Line Genova-Ventimiglia
ALn 663.1199
21 March 1995

Aregai di Cipressa
Line Genova-Ventimiglia
23 January 2000

San Lorenzo
Line Genova-Ventimiglia
ETR 252
2 May 1992

San Lorenzo
Line Genova-Ventimiglia
E.656.284 + SBB
23 August 1996

2nd Series. Railway: History and Landscape

The photos of the second series were shot in Norther Italy, with assorted subjects, all shown within a natural landscape. Most of them are unrepeatable and all show trains before the introduction of the new white green livery (XMPR), that nowadays is used for all FS rolling stock.

Borgio Verezzi
Line Genova-Ventimiglia
E.656.403 + SBB/BLS
24 August 1985

Santo Stefano
Line Genova-Ventimiglia
18 July 1992

Line Ceva-Ormea
ALn 663.1123
6 March 1993

Line Torino-Genova
9 January 1993

Line Vercelli-Pavia
ALn 990.3004
August 1988 (photo G. Demuru)

Line Como-Lecco
9 January 2001 (photo G. Demuru)

Ponte S. Pietro
Line Lecco-Bergamo
ALe 883
21 November 1987

Line Fortezza-San Candido
ALe 840.009
11 August 1997 (photo G. Demuru)

3rd Series. FS Electric Locomotives (16 postcards)

16 postcards, showing all most important Groups of Italian DC electric engines, from E.626 to E.402B.

Series 3 preview.

NEW! 4th Series. FS (8 postcards)
NEW! Serie 5. Rotabili elettrici FS (8 postcards, photos by Matteo Cerizza)

New pictures of FS electric railcars (EMU's) from ALe 790 to ALe 582 and other electric engines.

Series 4+5 preview.

How to buy

The postcards cost 5 Euro for 16 subjects.
Different series can be combined as you like: e.g. series 1+2 = 5 Euro; series 3 = 5 Euro (they are 16 subjects); series 2+4 = 5 Euro, etc.
Shipping included. To order, just send money (cash in an envelope) to:

Giorgio Stagni
via Govone 100
I 20155 Milano
clearly stating your address and the series you want. Daily shipping!

Discounts are granted for large orders (80 postcards or more). For details, please mail to .

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