This section presents locomotives, railcars and electric multiple units, suitable for MM screensaver.

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Diesel Multiple Units
FS ALb 80 (Ep. II)   
In 1933 an ALb 80 travels through Eastern Europe for promotional purposes.
Painted byClaudio Vianini.
Era 2-3  Transparent background
FS ALn 556 1200 (Fiat)   
Littorinas ALn 556 Fiat will run up to the early 70's.
Painted byClaudio Vianini.
Era 2-4  Transparent background
FS ALn 772   
One of the most famous Italian railcars, wide-spread over the whole FS network for more than 40 years. It ended its service on local lines of Piemonte, in 1984.
FS ALn 772   
The single-unit version of the classic ALn 772 railcar.
Era 3-4
FS ALtn 444   
The "Belvedere" railcar, in its original livery (built by OM, Mechanical Works of Milan, in 1948).
Era 3
FS ALtn 444   
The "Belvedere" railcar, in its final livery. This unit was built as a sole specimen in 1948, deriving it from the standard ALe 772 railcar. At the beginning of the 50's, it was used for the "Freccia Aurelia", a high-quality week-end connection between Milano ad San Remo. Many photos exist, which show the ALtn 444, resting on a storage siding in San Remo, together with threephase locos of ordinary trains, many of them still in their before-war black livery. In the early 60's the Belvedere was transformed into a standard ALe 772.
Era 3  Transparent background
FS ALn 990   
ALn 990 are used for prestigious rapid trains during the 50's.
Painted byClaudio Vianini and Franco Pepe.
Era 3-4  Transparent background
New!  FS ALn 448/442 TEE   

Painted together with Claudio Vianini.
Era 3-4  Transparent background
FS ALn 773 + Ln 664 (Ep. III)   
At the end of the Fifties, many important lines were not electrified yet, including among others, the Bari-Reggio di Calabria (Ionic line) and the Sardinian backbone. A new Diesel multiple unit for rapid services was therefore built in 1958-59, able to offer a good comfort together with a charming aspect. The ALn 773 was the first railcar that abandoned the traditional brown livery in favour of a bright red/white one.
Era 3  Transparent background
FS ALn 668.2400 (Ep. III)   
ALn 668.2400 Breda run around Asti and Novara. Here they appear in the original livery of the 60's. These units, in the more recent light blue livery, have run up to 1994Painted byClaudio Vianini.
Era 3  Transparent background
FS ALn 873 + Ln 779 (Ep. III)   
ALn 873 are designed for fast services.
Painted byClaudio Vianini.
Era 3  Transparent background


Electric Locomotives
FS E.626 (1936)   
Painted by Roberto Andresini in the stone grey-dark brown (grigio pietra - castano) livery used in early Thirties, before the introduction of the unified dark brown-light brown castano-Isabella) livery.
Era 2  Transparent background
FS E.646.035   
The blu & celeste E.646.035 and 037 locos, painted in this livery for the Treno Azzurro, but often used also for other services. Slightly improved with respect of the original MM picture and with a wider train selection.
Era 3  Transparent background


Shunting Locomotives
FS 206 Sogliola (Tongue-Fish)   
The Sogliola (Tongue-Fish) for light shunting were built in the 40's. They run up to early 80's, when they were replaced by the new units of Group 214.
Era 2-3  Transparent background


Steam locomotives
FS 68516 (1912 - photo livery)   
A steam loco completely painted of gloss black was not suitable for taking detailed photos: when official portraits had to be taken, it was therefore common, up to the first quarter of the 20th century, to paint a unit with a matt grey shade - the so-called photo livery. In 1912, 685.016 was used for taking the portrait of the new group 685. This unit belongs to the first series (with right drive and compressor on the left), and, at that time, had the original five-digit number "68516", made of large bronze figures on the cab-sides.
Once taken the required photos, the unit was painted with standard black and started its everyday work. Nine decades later, it's back: on the MM screen!
Era 2

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