This section presents locomotives, railcars and electric multiple units, suitable for MM screensaver.

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Brescia-Iseo-Edolo (SNFT -> FNM)
New!  SNFT An 64   
The Brescia-Iseo-Edolo line is 103 km long, with diesel traction and belonged to SNFT (SocietÓ Nazionale Ferrovie e Tranvie, National Company for Railways and Tram Lines). It became part of the FNM network at the end of the 1980's.
The An 64 railcars, belonging to the classic Breda Littorinefamily, were bought from FS in four units in 1949. Among other services, they were used for the two fast trains (Rapidi) Edolo-Brescia and were painted in the traditional SNFT green livery.
Painted by Claudio Vianini.
Era 3  Transparent background
New!  SNFT ALn 668-122   
The classic orange livery was used on SNFT fleet up to middle 1990's. It was therefore the standard livery for all ALn 668, which can be divided into three different series.
The first series has two doors, being therefore similar to FS series 1000 (units 121 and 122, built in 1980).
Era 5  Transparent background
New!  SNFT ALn 668 + B68   
The second series of ALn 668 has a single door compartment in the middle of the vehicle, just like FS series 3100 (here it is shown with a B68 trailer, built in 1959.
Painted together with Claudio Vianini.
Era 4  Transparent background
New!  SNFT ALn 668   
The last series is identical to FS ALn 663, altough it is still classified as ALn 668.
Era 5  Transparent background
New!  FNM ALn 668 + B68   
Today, the Brescia-Edolo fleet shows the standard FNM green livery.
Railcars are used in a typical simmetrical composition: a railcar, a trailer and another railcar. This ensures a bidirectional services, even with the trailers, which are not provided with a driver's cab. Railcars of different series can be used, as they are perfectly interchangeable: in the drawing, the FS ALn 663 type is shown.
Era 6  Transparent background


Diesel Locomotives
FS D.341.1000   

Painted by Claudio Vianini.
Era 3-4  Transparent background
FS D.341.2000   

Painted by Claudio Vianini.
Era 3-4  Transparent background
New!  FS D.342   

Painted by Claudio Vianini.
Era 3-4  Transparent background
FS D.343   

Painted by Claudio Vianini.
Era 3-4  Transparent background
FS D.345   
At the beginning of the Seventies, steam traction was still required in order to guarantee service on many local lines, both for freight trains and some passenger trains. In order to withdraw steam engines, a new group of Diesel locos was required: FS developed the D.345, which appeared as an improved version of the D.343 built some years before. The first unit was delivered in 1974: not later than 1977, the last regular passenger train with steam traction disappeared (steam locos were used for freight and shunting services for a few years more).
D.345 are spread all over Italy, and although new electrifications have reduced more and more their range, they can be certainly considered as successful locos.
Painted together with Franco Sartori from Germany.
Era 4-6
FS D.445   
The last step of the evolution of FS Diesel locos is represented by D.445, which introduces two important new features with respect to the previous D.345. First, the loco can power the electric heating of the train by means of the standard 3000 V DC outlet, so that a specific DC generator wagon is no more required. Second, the loco has push-pull capability (and therefore is painted in the livery of commuting trains).
Units of this group were delivered up to the middle Eighties; later on, the last electrifications suggested to stop the construction of both Diesel locos and Diesel railcars.
Painted by Franco Sartori.
Era 4-6


Diesel Multiple Units
FS ALn 773 + Ln 664   
Thirty years passed, and the ALn 773 (in the meantime painted with the light blue livery common to ALn 668) ended their work with local services on the plain of Northern Italy.
A typical feature of trains with this units was the presence of the very short trailer Ln 664, provided with driver's cab only on one end, and with the bellows not receding behind front doors.
Era 4-5
FS ALn 668.1500 + Ln 882   
After the first batch of ALn 668 built by Fiat and Breda at the beginning of the Sixties, a new series was delivered around 1967 by Fiat, characterised by the presence of the four mufflers on the roof. Together with their trailer Ln 882 (provided with driver's cab only on one end), they have been an everyday presence in many local lines between Piemonte and Lombardia, as well as in Sicily.
In Autumn 2000 also this livery disappeared in favour of the standard white-green one (see comment on ALe 801).
Era 4-5
FS ALn 668.1500 (night view)   
Another night view, after the E.656 of some months ago. The single ALn.668.1500 is carrying out the last trip of the day from Varallo to Novara, ... or from Arona to SanthiÓ, ... or where else you like to imagine it along the beautiful local lines of Piemonte.
Era 4-6
FS ALn 668.1900 Monza - Molteno - Lecco   

Painted by Claudio Vianini.
Era 4-5

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