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In 1969 the previous painted style suddenly changes: real photos replace watercolours and the layout of the cover is changed each year, so that every new catalogue receives its own personality.
For the first year a photo of a real train is also appearing (althoug rather "stylized", in the form of a silhouette). In a few years, the design of the page is oriented to more "abstract", geometrical solutions, leading to results that, in many cases, can be considered the best of ever.
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The first cover (of four) where something that is not a railway-related object appears: the Märklin Sprint race-car.





One of the best covers of all: simple, clean, essential.






One of the best covers of all: simple, evocative (of the world of railway), geometrically perfect.

Catalogues of the Seventies had different covers, but the contents (i.e. the photos of the articles) remain linked to tradition: each article had its onw photo, often retouched to enphasise its best qualities.
In 1979 a true revolution occurs: the whole catalogue layout is changed. Full-page, un-retouched photos show many articles altogether, as if they were running on a collector's table (see example page for diesel engines).
Externally, the catalogue comes back to a portrait format, and the cover is either a view of a single H0 engine or a composition of many vehicles from all three scales (H0, 1 and Z).



One of the best covers of all: all people arrived to admire the new BR 120 is a really amusing idea!



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Credits: I downloaded all covers up to 1999 in year 2000 from a website, but I cannot remember its address. Should anyone know it, please e-mail me.
Enlarged pictures as well as newer ones were scanned from original catalogues by myself.

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