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VT 95 and trailer VB 142
Two railcars of the "Schienenbus" family run on an unelectrified double-track line along a river (the Mosel?). From 1965 catalogue.

V 200
The diesel loco is ready to leave (from 1966 catalogue).

with heavy freight train (from 1971 catalogue). Until the end of steam era on DB (1977), locomotives of this group were usually hauling freight trains.

on a turntable (from 1975 catalogue).

with TEE or Intercity train (from 1975 catalogue).

Diesel 216
with a very interesting composition: a first class "POP" coach, a TEE coach and an SBB restaurant (from 1975 catalogue). The so-called POP livery was an experimental scheme designed in 1972 and soon replaced by standard blue-ivory livery. At a European level, it represented the first really innovative painting, designed for ordinary trains (not only for luxury ones, like the Rheingold- or TEE-schemes).

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