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Sintax: Foto6.asp?File=FILE&Tipo=FILETYPE&Inizio=X&Righe=Y&Col=C

FILE must be a tab-separated text file, with extention .t08 (not written in the argument) which lists the picture files to be shown.
FILETYPE must be Index to show the index (thumbnails) or must be omitted to show standard photos. X is the first line of the .t08 file that is used and Y are the total lines that are shown. C is the number of columns in which the thumbnails are arranged.
Default: X=1; Y=15; C=4.

Example: Foto6.asp?File=428cervo&Tipo=index&Righe=100&Col=5 where the list of pictures is written in 428cervo.t08 text file, the thumbnail page is shown (Tipo=index) with 100 rows and 5 columns.

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