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Between San Lorenzo and Ospedaletti   On 24 September 2001 the railway San Lorenzo-Cipressa - Ospedaletti Ligure has been finally closed, replaced by a new double-track tunnel. The stations of San Lorenzo, Santo Stefano-Riva Ligure and Ospedaletti have been suppressed. The station of Taggia-Arma has been replaced by the new Taggia, located about 1800 m from the sea, San Remo has been replaced by an underground platform, about 400 m away from the new station building.
As in the last 16 years I've been photographer and witness of such a wonderful line, I felt it was necessary to add a special photographic section to remember all those trains running along the seaside.
Between San Lorenzo and Ospedaletti   Part 2  
Between San Lorenzo and Ospedaletti   Part 3  
Mediterranean views in San Remo   Part 1  
Mediterranean views in San Remo   Part 2  
E.636 Parade   with local trains in Liguria  
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The 1928     
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