The Riviera in 1954
Nuovo!  Threephase engine E.431.015   was used for a photographic train that run along the whole line Genova-Ventimiglia in June 1954. This train was planned by FS themselves in order to document the original route of the Riviera di Ponente, as a new double-track route was planned to be built in the next years. The new route, mainly in tunnel, was opened in three steps in 1968, 1977 e 2001 and is not finished yet (luckily, I would say...)
All photos are from FS (they should all come from J. Ciganovic) and have been acquired from web site interrail.publinet.it, books (I 100 anni della linea ferroviaria Voltri-Savona and I 120 anni della linea ferroviaria Savona-Ventimiglia, by F. Dell'Amico) and magazines (iTreni, Voies ferree ed. it., TuttoTreno).
Of course they are not unpublished works; my idea was to collect and put in a unique place what now is spread along a large number of sources.
In this first picture, the train is leaving from Voltri towards Genova.
Nuovo!  Near Crevari   beside the Via Aurelia... with no cars, between Vesima and Voltri.  
At the exit of Arenzano, towards Voltri     
Between Cogoleto and Varazze     
Between Cogoleto and Varazze     
Nuovo!  Along the Celle promenade     
Between Vado Ligure and Savona     
Between Bergeggi and Spotorno     
West of Noli     


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