Tracks from Evening to Morning (Binari da sera a mattina)

41 colour photos, subdivided into two chapters:

As in previous works, all photos show liveries before XMPR, with many unrepeatable locations and vehicles.

Rolling stock includes 981, D.345, D.445, E.428, E.424, E.636, E.645, E.646, E.444R, E.656, E.633, E.402, ALe 790, ALe 880, ALe 883, ALe 840, ALe 660, ALe 724, ALn 668, ALn 663, ALn 668 SATTI, E.610 FNM.

With contributions by Francesco Dall'Armi, Giovanni Demuru, Riccardo Vitali.

1421 cm, 36 pages, 150 g/m gloss paper,
cardboard cover

Similar to the previous colour books, but with even more pages and larger photos!

Price: 10 Euro

E.656 + MDVE
Dusino Ramp (line Torino-Genova), February 1997.

E.636.425, E.656.240 e 544, E.402.139
Milano Smistamento, June 2000.

ALe 883.020
Bergamo, October 1989 (photo G. Demuru).

Olevano (line Mortara-Alessandria), December 1999.

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Printed by Agora35, Ideas and plans for photographic micro-editing.

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