Signs of a Railway

2020 cm, 48 pages, 170 g/m gloss paper,
heavy cardboard cover.

55 black & white photos, subdivided into the following chapters:

with short introductions to each chapter.

Locos and multiple units from the following groups: 625, 640, 685, 740, 830, 880, 981, ALn 990, ALn 773, ALn 668, ALn 663, D.345, E.554, E.626, E.428, E.636, E.424, E.645, E.646, E.444, E.656, E.633, ALe 840, ALe 540, ETR 300, SBB RABe 1050.
Photos taken between 1983 and 2002 (in co-operation with Giovanni Demuru for the early 80's).
All photos come from original black & white negatives. They are not colour slides printed in black & white!

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A review appeared on the English magazine Continental Modeller.

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An English translation is provided on a separate leaflet.
A German translation will be probably available too, if the request from the German-speaking areas is large enough.

Laigueglia (Savona)
E.636.245, 30 July 1993

Milano Centrale
SBB RABe 1050, 25 January 1985.

Tenda (France)
ALn 663.1163, 21 August 1997

981.007 rack loco, 28 October
1985 (photo G. Demuru).

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Printed by Agora35, Ideas and plans for photographic micro-editing.

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