NEW! Tracks in Milano Part Two

38 colour photos, subdivided into two chapters:

Most photos are unrepeatable, from the point of view of the rolling stock or the location, from Bullona station to the old Bovisa, from E.444 in blue livery to interurban tram network, from Viberti trolleybuses to 4700/4800 trams...
Railway rolling stock includes E.626, E.636, E.646, E.656, E.444, ALn 668.2400 ALn 448.2007, ETR.450, FNM E.600, EB 840, EA 750.
Tram rolling stock includes 1500 ("Ventotto"), 4700, 4800, 4900, 700, 5137, Viberti trolleybus, interurban vehicles Desio, Reggio Emilia, O.M., "Bloccati".

1421 cm, 32 pages, 150 g/m gloss paper,
cardboard cover

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Piazza Fontana
historical tram 1503
18 May 1997

Via Carlo Farini
Interurban tram 96, "Officine Meccaniche" type
July 1981
(photo G. Demuru)

Milano Bullona
EA 750-18, 13 April 2003 (one month later the station has been closed)

Milano Centrale
E.444.027 with IC Lemano
5 September 1983

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